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Vehicles and/or vessels may get paid off or cancelled prior to the auction.
Be aware, there MAY be additional DMV fees on vehicles or boats purchased. Contact DMV for more information
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October 10, 2018
10:15am  Storage US, 16001 S. Broadway, Gardena, CAMAP310-516-8776
2000 Ford Ranger  CA  8Z73666VIN: 34466

October 15, 2018

11:30am   SecurCare, 4020 Wible, Bakersfield, CA661-234-8281
1998 Honda Accord   CA  4BRX989   VIN:  94424
2013 Honda Accord   CA  6YTS064    VIN:  06599

12:00pm  SecurCare,  600 S. Oswell, Bakersfield, CA661-230-9805
1975 Winnebago   CA   2EEL383VIN: 23453

October 25, 2018
12:30pmSecurCare, 10th St East, Palmdale, CA661-237-3049
2002 Ford Taurus   CA  4XUH083VIN:  46593
2001 Hyundai Accent  CA  5AVY864VIN:32348

November 20, 2018

8:00am   Security Public, 13650 Imperial Highway, St. Fe Springs, CA    MAP      562-921-0088
1986 EBKO Boat   CA  CF2804HJ   HIN:  0E686
1986 Trail Rite Trlr  CA  1FD9960   VIN:  128082
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