Our Turn-key Services
  • We typically schedule a facility's auction date and time up to six months in advance. This is a significant service that gives the facility manager or the district manager an immediate referendum of the next scheduled auction. If we adjust the schedule for any reason we give the managers at least a 60-day notice.

  • The lock-cut/inventories are also scheduled up to six months advance.  The inventories are completed approximately two to three weeks before the auction.  This service includes cutting all the locks as designated by the facility manager,  video imaging the unit's contents (never entering the unit), and providing a written general inventory. The unit is then sealed with our auctioneer’s seal after the manager over-locks the unit. Managers are provided a copy of any specific unit's video DVD, upon request, at no charge.

  • A numbered tag may also be used to give further security and detailed paperwork trails. We typically use an orange tag for this task. We note the number from the tag on the inventory form and it is then again noted on the bill of sale when the unit is opened by our auctioneer at the auction. This provides needed paper trail organization.

  • We have several other services and options, such as, email invoicing, computerized tracking of sales and inventories; detailed auction schedules; recorded telephone update-lines; property retrieval efforts for units sold; this web site; incident reporting; other invoicing options and many, many more.

  • Please call us when you need an auction company that has a passion to satisfy our customers, our customer's needs and do this with the highest degree of integrity.

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