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There are many places to find out about where self service storage auctions are going to be held. As an example, this web site publishes our schedule at our  "Auction Schedule". You can also check the legal sections of the local newspaper.  Some auctioneers charge money to get their schedule (we do not).

Once you know where our auctions are going to be held, get there early so you can sign in. Bring a good flashlight. Your valid name, address and phone number are required.  You may have to show ID.  If you have a resale number be sure to note it on the sign in sheet and fill out our resale certificate. Be sure to read the "Terms and Conditions" of the auction. 

Our auctions are cash only auctions.  No checks, credit cards or debt cards!   Money orders and cashier's checks may be accepted instead of cash, these must be approved prior to the auction.  There is a "refundable cleaning deposit"  charged for each unit purchased.  This is set by our auctioneer and/or the manager.  Be sure you know what this amount is.  It is added to the sale and refunded after you clean your unit out completely, to the Manager's expectations.

You will not be able to leave the auction to get money at a bank or ATM.  Do not over bid your money!

You will be charged sale's tax if you do not have a resale number. Resale numbers are available from the State of California's State Board of Equalization (

Do not enter a unit.  reach in or touch anything. It is best to watch the bidding at the first couple of units sold.  When you decide to bid make sure that you are visible to the auctioneer.  Be animated if necessary. If the auctioneer (who rarely) misses your bid, be more aggressive with your bid. Lift your hand up higher, speak up or jump up and down......the auctioneer will see you. Your bids will be missed if you are NOT apparent.

Once you win the bid the unit  YOU MUST CLEAN THE UNIT COMPLETELY - TAKE EVERYTHING!   You are now the legal and lawful  owner of the entire contents of the unit you bought. The deposit is NOT a reason for you to take what you want and leave what you don't.  You may be the defendant in a court action lawsuit so the facility can recoup their cost if you leave anything in the unit. If you wish to avoid such action.
Keep the manager informed. 

Our auctioneer may only give you until the next day, close of business, to clean the unit out.  The manager can HELP you if you need it.  If you buy the unit and then find you have a problem getting everything out in the time given...


Sometimes the manager needs the unit right away because there are no other units that size to rent....respect this; the manager is doing his job and needs the unit immediately. If this is not the case, there are many other options ONLY the manager has to help you. 

Be sure to talk to THE MANAGER.

Bottom line

Bring enough money
Clean everything out of the unit
Keep the MANAGER  informed
Have fun
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