Did Your Unit Get Sold?
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If your unit was sold at auction it will very difficult to retrieve any of the contents of the unit sold.  There is a very small likelihood that anything will ever be returned to you

We will try to contact the buyer of the unit, but, if more than 48 hours have passed since your unit was sold the possibility of getting anything returned is nearly zero.  From this you can deduct that any time passing after that will not result in any better results of getting anything back.

Please call our office (714-996-4881) and talk to one our employees.  They will ask for you for your contact information.  

The next step is trying to contact the buyer of the unit sold.  If we can contact this buyer, your contact information will be given to this buyer and we will request that person call you directly. We will not know, nor do we guarantee, that this person contacts you, so, after a couple of days pass and you are not contacted, please call us so we can try to contact the buyer again.  This process is repeated only twice.

We cannot force this buyer to contact you.  If you paid your rent in the first place WE would not be placed in this position, so please do not get angry with our employees.

If the buyer chooses to not contact you there is nothing else either we or the storage manager can do at this point.
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