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Click Here to Read "How it Works" before you start bidding Online

** Read or watch the video at  "How it Works"  on our online website for details of the online auction process.
** Open multiple window in your browser to see more than one unit selling - track several at the same time.
** You have 24 hours to pay the website comission fee or you will lose the unit(s) you won.
** Contingency bidding and other options are now available with a PRO Account subscription.
** PRO Account holders only pay 10% on the units they buy.

Our online auctions can be previewed by clicking on the link below


On Line Auctions

Remember - If you win a unit online you must respond to the emailed or TEXT payment link, enter your credit card information and THEN you will receive a "bill of sale" for the unit you won by email.  If you do not do this for each unit you won within 24 hours you will lose the unit(s) to the back bidder.   Without this Bill of Sale the Manager at the facility will not release the unit to you. If you registered with different email accounts - check all accounts to see if you won. If you win the auction and do not receive an email link - check your "junk" or "spam" folder.

Contingency bidding (Auto Pilot) is now active, along with other options, only with a PRO Account subscription

Read "How It Works" at the on line website or watch the video that detailes the process.

If you bid within the last 30 seconds of the auction the closing timer will reset for another 30 seconds and await another bid.  The timer will reset back 30 seconds for every bid made during the last 30 seconds until the timer runs to zero.

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