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On-site Live Auctions - Storage Auction Experts

Auction Update Phone Line -  209-667-5797
Call to see the auctions that are being held and those that are cancelled

Auctions are starting up again.  You may need a mask and gloves. Check with the facility.

Nick is doing the LIVE auctions.

Go to Storage Auction Experts website for details
or call their phone update line. See above.

Southern California
Buyer's Auction Schedule
June 2020
As of April 1, 2020 J. Michael's formed an association with Storage Auction Experts at 209-667-5797.
As Michael and Cheril (owners of J. Michael's) slow down, as fast they can, toward retirement,
we formed an association with Storage Auction Experts (StorageAuctionExperts.com)  to own,
manage and  operate our on-site live auction schedule.
Our auctioneers will continue to work for Storage Auction Experts.

Our ONLINE WEBSITE (JMAuctionOnline) will continue to be managed and owned by J. Michael's Auction, Inc.  The online web site will not be associated with Storage Auction Experts and will continue to provide online services to Storage Companies and our valuable Buyers.

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