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December 2, 2019

North Fontana Area   (NFON)
Next auction Feb 12 @ 9:00am  Storemore, 15723 Foothill Blvd., Fontana, CA      MAP        909-822-1677
10:00am Extra Space, 14750 Foothill Blvd., Fontana, CAMAP?? UNITS909-229-2414
10:45amExtra Space, 13473 Foothill Blvd., Fontana, CA     MAP?? UNITS909-827-1658
11:30amExtra Space, 13475 Baseline, Fontana, CA    MAP?? UNITS909-371-9309

South Orange County (SOC1)
Next auction in Jan @ 10:30amLaguna Woods, 24151 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Hills, CA   MAP    949-470-9700
Next auction in Jan @ 11:00amLake Forest Self Storage, 22535 Aspan, Lake Forest, CA    MAP   949-855-0058

December 3, 2019

South Fontana Area   (SFON)
9:45am  Extra Space, 17197 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA    MAP12 UNITS 909-229-2149
10:30amExtra Space, 15713 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA   MAP6 UNITS 909-229-1147
11:30amExtra Space, 10192 Linden Ave., Bloomington, CA   MAP8 UNITS909-580-0305
12:30pmExtra Space, 18777 Bloomington Ave., Bloomington, CA   MAP9 UNITS909-512-2125
1:00pm  Extra Space, 313 S. Riverside Ave., Rialto, CAMAP12 UNITS909-265-6416
2:00pm   Extra Space, 850 S. Mt. Vernon, Colton, CA   MAP15 UNITS909-872-0868

Baldwin Park Area  (BLDN)
Next auction in Jan @ 9:00amAble Storage, 500 E. Markland Dr., Monterey Park, CA 323- 581-5988
Next auction in Jan @ 9:30am  Extra Space, 12737 Garvey St., Baldwin Park, CAMAP 626-261-3339
10:30amExtra Space, 318 N. Vincent Ave., Covina, CAMAP4 UNITS626-261-2796
11:15amExtra Space, 825 E. Arrow Highway, Glendora, CAMAP1-2 UNITS626-388-7508
12:00pm  Extra Space, 919 W. Gladstone St., San Dimas, CA  MAP   5 UNITS 909-579-7904
Next auction in Jan @ 12:45pm  San Dimas Lock Up, 409  W. Allen Ave., San Dimas, CA   MAP    909-592-4881

December 4, 2019

JMAuctionOnline        U-Haul, 2775 W. Foothill Blvd., Rialto, CAMAP 909-873-2486
JMAuctionOnline       U-Haul, 110 D St., San Bernardino, CAMAP 909-884-6805
JMAuctionOnline          U-Haul, 1198 Baseline, San Bernardino, CAMAP 909-885-4448
JMAuctionOnline          U-Haul, 16823 Foothill Blvd., Fontana, CAMAP 909-824-5503

JMAuctionOnline          U-Haul, 15707 Leffingwell Rd., Whittier, CAMAP562-943-7294
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 1040 N. Azusa Ave., Covina, CA     MAP 626-915-4961
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 1961 E. Covina Blvd., Covina, CA     MAP 626-332-6215

South Orange County 3  - (SOC3)
9:45am    Extra Space, 3289 El Camino Real, Irvine, CAMAP      2 UNITS714-837-6447
10:30am  Extra Space, 3125 Warner Ave., Irvine, CAMAP1 UNIT949-447-7218
11:15am  Extra Space, 16242 Construction Cr. West, Irvine, CAMAP7 UNITS 949-556-0971
12:00pm Alton Self Storage, 2215 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CAMAP  8 UNITS949-553-0558
No Scheduled Auction        AA New Storage,  1741 Whittier Ave., Costa Mesa, CA  MAP    949-646-4688

December 5, 2019

San Clemente - This auction is live at the facility - not online - Car Only
10:00amU-Haul,  310 Avenida Pico Ave.,  San Clemente, CA949-492-2610
2005 Mazda     CA  6UJT385     VIN:  148311

Corona Area  (CRNA)
Next auction in Jan @ 9:45am  Dollar Storage, 1065 E. Third St., Corona, CA   MAP 951-738-9557
10:30am Extra Space, 250 N. Cota St., Corona, CAMAP3 UNITS 951-737-9844
11:15amDollar Storage, 205 N. Lincoln, Corona, CAMAP6 UNITS 951-520-0295
12:15pm Dollar Storage, 11110 Limonite, Jurupa Valley, CAMAP6 UNITS951-479-5880
Next auction in Jan @ 1:15pm  St. Augustine Self Storage, 2597 Hamner Ave., Norco, CAMAP951-736-8044

South Orange County 4 - (SOC4) Skip cancelled auction and start the next scheduled auction immediately on arrival
9:45am   Extra Space, 30 Terrace Rd., Ladera Ranch, CAMAP3 UNITS 949-226-9952
NextExtra Space, 25650 Baffin Bay Dr., Lake Forest, CAMAP3 UNITS949-532-0570
NextExtra Space, 1 Burroughs, Irvine, CAMAP 2 UNITS949-447-7241
Next  Auction in Jan        Extra Space, 9300 Research Dr., Irvine, CA    MAP949-379-0805
Next .Extra Space, 9280 Research Dr., Irvine, CA    MAP3 UNITS 949-379-0805
NextExtra Space, 66 Tesla, Irvine, CAMAP4 UNITS949-447-7243
NextExtra Space, 15875 Laguna Canyon Rd., Irvine, CA    MAP 1 UNIT 949-447-7244
NextExtra Space, 6401 Oak Canyon, Irvine , CAMAP6 UNITS    949-390-4871
NextExtra Space,20 Post, Irvine, CA  MAP1 UNIT949-390-4871
NextExtra Space, 17 Shield, Irvine, CAMAP1 UNIT949-390-4871

December 6, 2019

Palm Springs Area 1 (PLM1)
9:30am  Extra Space, 1340 East 6th St., Beaumont, CAMAP3 UNITS      951-208-9660
10:45amExtra Space, 1000 North Ferrall Dr., 300, Palm Springs, CA   MAP   ?? UNITS    760-998-8230
11:30amExtra Space, 2055 Executive Dr, Palm Springs, CAMAP4 UNITS760-998-6729
Next auction in Jan Extra Space, 69100 Converse Rd., Cathedral City, CAMAP   760-998-4085
Next auction in Jan  Extra Space, 36000 Cathedral Cnyn. Dr., Cathedral City, CAMAP   760-998-4104

North Orange County 2  - (NOC2)
10:00am  Fullerton Self Storage, 1919 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA   MAP    5 UNITS 714-870-5130

Temecula Area  -  (TEMC)
8:45amMidtown Self Storage, 27560 Jefferson, Temecula, CA    MAP3 UNITS951-676-1623
Next auction Jan 9 @ 9:00am          Vail Ranch Self Storage, 43980 Mahlon Vail Rd.,Temecula, CA  MAP 951-302-0204
9:45am  Extra Space, 31524 Rancho Pueblo, Temecula, CAMAP 2 UNITS 951-240-9837
10:30amExtra Space, 41704 Overland Rd. Temecula, CA  92590     MAP3 UNITS951-428-9511
11:30amExtra Space, 38370 Winchester, Murrieta CAMAP 4 UNITS951-397-7192
12:30pmExtra Space, 25485 Jefferson Blvd., Murrieta, CAMAP3 UNITS951-397-7193
1:30pm Extra Space, 18791 Collier Ave., Lake Elsinore, CAMAP5 UNITS951-805-8566
2:15pm Extra Space, 550 Central Ave., Lake Elsinore, CAMAP3 UNITS 951-805-7340

December 9, 2019

Apple Valley 3 (APL3)
9:45am    Extra Space, 15555 Yates Rd., Victorville, CAMAP?? UNITS 760-475-3505
10:45am  Extra Space, 17108 Main St., Hesperia, CAMAP3 UNITS 760-998-8662
11:45am  Extra Space, 16730 Walnut St., Hesperia, CAMAP6 UNITS 760-998-6206
12:30pm  Extra Space, 14400 Yucca St., Hesperia, CAMAP1 UNIT 760-998-6300
1:30pm    Extra Space, 13522 Main St., Hesperia, CAMAP3 UNITS760-995-1797
2:15pm    Extra Space, 9353 Mariposa Rd., Hesperia, CAMAP2 UNITS760-713-3762

December 10, 2019

Hemet (HEMT)
9:45am    Extra Space, 750 S. Sanderson, Hemet, CA MAP3 UNITS  951-652-2222
10:30am Extra Space, 660 West Acacia Ave., Hemet, CAMAP    10 UNITS 951-765-7730
11:15am  Extra Space, 851 W. Esplanade Ave., San Jacinto, CA MAP?? UNITS 951-654-1714

North Orange County 1 - (NOC1)
9:45am  Extra Space, 1030 East 4th St., Santa Ana, CAMAP5 UNITS714-615-2375
10:30amExtra Space, 511 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CAMAP11 UNITS714-380-2833
11:30am  Extra Space, 7471 Warner, Huntington Beach, CAMAP4 UNITS714-587- 0579
12:15pmExtra Space, 7531 McFadden, Huntington Beach, CAMAP   2 UNITS714-907-3854
1:00pmBudget Storage, 6742 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CAMAP    6 UNITS 714-897-1343

December 11, 2019

Chatsworth (CHAT)
9:00am    Ace Storage Containers, 21250 Nordoff St., Chatsworth, CA    MAP?? UNITS  818-620-1553
Next auction in Jan @ 9:30am   Mid Valley Storage, 6924 Canby Ave., Reseda, CAMAP909-606-2917
Next auction in Jan @ 10:00am Encino Storage,18019 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA  MAP818-344-5668
11:00am          101 Self Storage, 4647 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Valley Village, CA   MAP   1 UNIT818-942-0150
12:00pm         Golden Triangle, 20800 Golden Triangle Rd., Santa Clarita, CA   MAP    4 UNITS    661-251-7070

San Bernardino - (SBA2)
9:30am  Extra Space, 3285 N. Locust Ave., Rialto, CA    MAP4 UNITS 909-829-2900
10:30amExtra Space, 2180 West Highland Ave. San Bernardino, CA       MAP  12 UNITS 909-273-9688
Next auction in Jan @ 11:30am Able Storage, 1348 W. Baseline Rd., Rialto CA MAP909-873-4500

December 12, 2019

JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 1930 E Mineral King Ave, Visalia, CA 93292559-827-4575

JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 1805 Massachusetts, Lemon Grove, CA MAP    619-460-6370
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 1300 Wilson Ave, National City, CA    MAP619-434-0004
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 1186 East Main St., El Cajon, CA  MAP  619-442-3483
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 8847 Jamacha Rd., Spring Valley, CA   MAP619-589-1693
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 3820 Midway Dr., (Point Loma), San Diego, CA  MAP      619-223-2131
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 99 North 4th St., Chula Vista, CA   MAP619-426-6432
JMAuctionOnline U-Haul, 5871 Copley, Dr., San Diego, CA    MAP 858-569-1488

Moreno Valley (MORV)
9:45am   Extra Space, 16340 Perris Blvd., Moreno Valley, CA     MAP11 UNITS951-247-5555
10:45am Able Storage, 14175 Perris Blvd., Moreno Valley, CAMAP19 UNITS951-485-4850
11:45am Extra Space, 21201 Box Springs Rd., Moreno Valley, CAMAP4 UNITS951-788-4389
12:45pm   Extra Space, 5910 Mission Blvd., Riverside, CAMAP15 UNITS951-369-0371

December 13, 2019
LaVerne Area  -  (LAVN)
9:45am Extra Space, 601 Ridgeway St., Pomona, CAMAP3 UNITS909-784-8895
No Scheduled AuctionExtra Space, 1960 S. San Dimas Cnyn., La Verne, CAMAP909-285-8093
11:30amExtra Space, 525 W. Arrow Highway, Claremont, CAMAP1 UNIT909-660-9259
12:15pm  Extra Space, 775 S. Mills Ave., Claremont, CAMAP4 UNITS909-493-8302

9:45am   Extra Space, 46600 Adams St., La Quinta, CAMAP2 UNITS760-998-5736
10:45amExtra Space, 78265 Country Club Dr., Bermuda Dunes, CAMAP1-2 UNITS760-200-5311
12:15pm Private Sale (Very Large Garage - SEE PICTURES),  7488 Fox Trail, Yucca Valley, CA 92284

No Scheduled Auction Rancho Mirage Self Storage, 43375 Rio del Sol Rd., Rancho Mirage, CA   MAP   760-341-4040
No Scheduled AuctionExtra Space, 74789 Joni Dr., Palm Desert, CAMAP760-650-3111
No Scheduled AuctionExtra Space, 73750 Dinah Shore Dr., Palm Desert CAMAP760-328-4025
No Scheduled Auction  Extra Space, 73230 Varner Rd., Thousand Palms, CAMAP760-349-2234
No Scheduled Auction   Desert Storage & RV, 42925 Madison St., Indio, CAMAP760-863-2024

December 16, 2019

Bakersfield Area 2 (BAK2)
9:30am    U-Haul, 201 4th Street, Bakersfield, CAMAP9 UNITS661-322-8644
10:30am U-Haul, 107 N. Chester Ave., Bakersfield, CA      MAP 5 UNITS 661-399-5533
Next auction Jan 21 @ 9:30am    U-Haul, 6201 White Lane, Bakersfield, CA    MAP   661-834-6111
Next auction Jan 21 @ 10:30am  U-Haul, 4500 Panama Lane, Bakersfield, CAMAP661-834-4500

Simi Valley (SIMI)
No Scheduled Auction AMR-USA,  310 East Easy St., Simi Valley, CA   MAP      805-520-1800
9:45am              West Simi Lock up, 445 East Easy St., Simi Valley, CA    MAP2 UNITS (one is a10x20)805-522-2094
No Scheduled Auction Simi Stow It, 75 West Easy St., Simi Valley, CA  MAP909-606-2917
11:00am            Ace Your Storage Place, 52 Tierra Rejada, Simi Valley, CA     MAP  ?? UNITS 805-581-3100
Next auction in Dec @ 12:00pm  North Ranch Storage, 4600 Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA   MAP  805-497-3230
Rescheduled to Dec 19  StorCal, 2501 W. Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks, CAMAP805-499-7111
No Scheduled Auction            Ventu Park Self Storage, 1166 Newbury Rd.,   Newbury Park, CAMAP   805-376-9393

December 17, 2019

South San Diego County (SSD2)
Next auction in Jan @ 9:30am    Benedict Ave. Storage, 847 Benedict Ave., El Cajon, CA      MAP    619-440-2375
10:30am Extra Space, 1539 E. Main, El Cajon, CA     MAP9 UNITS619-396-1818
11:30am Extra Space, 10115 Mission Gorge, Santee, CAMAP      2 UNITS 619-672-4952
12:30pm Extra Space, 6360 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CAMAP2 UNITS858-875-2852
1:15pm   Extra Space, 8192 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CAMAP    2 UNITS858-253-0328
2:00pm   Extra Space, 8038 Arjons Dr., San Diego, CAMAP2 UNITS       858-253-0330

Los Angeles Area (SCPU)
Next auction Jan 21 @ 8:00am   Security Public, 13650 Imperial Highway, St. Fe Springs, CA    MAP  562-921-0088
Next auction Jan 21 @ 9:15am            Security Public, 5601 Southern Ave., South Gate, CA MAP562-927-7161
10:15am          Dollar Storage, 8717 Pioneer Blvd., Sante Fe Springs, CA MAP     5 UNITS562-692-4254

December 18, 201

San Bernardino County Area 5 (SBA5)
9:00am   Atlas Storage, 1096 Calimesa Blvd., Calimesa, CAMAP3 UNITS909-795-1077
9:45am   Atlas Storage, 12189 7th St., Yucapia, CAMAP3 UNITS909-790-4848
10:45am Extra Space, 321 Alabama St., Redlands, CAMAP 1-2UNITS909-792-3671
11:30am Extra Space, 155 W. Club Center Dr. San Bernardino, CAMAP5 UNITS909-825-9000
12:15pm Extra Space, 875 E. Mill St., San Bernardino, CAMAP2-3 UNITS909-381-5999

9:45am  Extra Space, 4567 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, CAMAP9 UNITS760-407-4802
Next auction in Jan @ 10:30am Extra Space, 3091 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, CAMAP   760-271-4241
10:30amExtra Space, 1317  N. Melrose Dr., Vista CAMAP2 UNITS760-990-1312
11:30am Extra Space, 4705 N. River Rd., Oceanside, CAMAP5 UNITS760-998-6742
12:45pm Extra Space, 372 W. Aviation Blvd., Fallbrook, CAMAP6 UNITS760-330-1315

If you have not registered on JMAuctionOnline.com Please do so now to get updates.

December 19, 2019

JMAuctionOnline      U-Haul,  802 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA MAP760-967-1251
JMAuctionOnline       U-Haul, 6175 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA  MAP760-929-0425
JMAuctionOnline      U-Haul, 950 West Mission Ave, Escondido, CA MAP760-741-7805

South San Diego Area 3  (SSD3)
9:45am  Extra Space, 3883 Sherman St., San Diego, CAMAP8 UNITS619-297-3503
Next auction in Jan @ 10:45amExtra Space, 1560 Frazee Rd., San Diego, CAMAP 619-488-6565
11:45am Extra Space, 3808 Cedar St., San Diego, CA   MAP 5 UNITS619-961-5496
1:15pm            Extra Space, 525 W. 20th St., National City, CAMAP5 UNITS 619-207-8261
2:00pm  Extra Space, 3085 Del Sol Blvd., San Diego, CAMAP13 UNITS619-481-1823
Next auction in Jan @ 3:00pm  Extra Space,, 2391 Fenton St., Chula Vista, CAMAP619-763-1275
No Scheduled AuctionOtay Mesa Storage, 6630 Camino Maquiladora, San Diego, CA  MAP   619-661-5900

San Fernando Valley (SFVA)  Skip cancelled auction and start the next scheduled auction immediately on arrival
9:30am      StorCal, 15025 Oxnard St., Van Nuys, CAMAP3 UNITS818-785-3259
Next auction in Jan       StorCal, 6061 De Soto Ave., Woodland Hills, CAMAP818-703-7768
Next auction in Jan      StorCal, 21051 Oxnard St., Woodland Hills, CAMAP818-703-0171
Next     StorCal, 6411 De Soto Ave., Woodland Hills, CAMAP3 UNITS818-340-4949
Next auction in Jan                StorCal, 20525 Nordoff St., Chatsworth, CAMAP818-341-499
Next    StorCal, 2501 W. Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks, CAMAP2 UNITS805-499-7111

December 20, 2019

A NOTE:   

This is Bruce's last auction.  He is retiring December 31st. 
He worked with J. Michael's for over 15 years and he will be dearly missed.  We plan on calling on him to do some future auctions as a contractor.  Please say "Hello" to him and wish him a good and busy retirement.

Mike & Cheril

San Bernardino Area 6  (SBA6) - Bruce will do this auction
9:45am  Extra Space, 2005 N. Sterling, San Bernardino, CAMAP6 UNITS909-888-7666
10:45amExtra Space, 1755 East Highland Ave., Highland, CAMAP15 UNITS909-885-6122
Next auction in Jan @ 11:45amExtra Space, 1775 Palm Ave., Highland, CAMAP909-280-2401
Next auction in Jan @ 12:45pmExtra Space, 7404 Boulder Ave., Highland, CAMAP909-425-0578
No Scheduled AuctionAAA Highland Storage, 27171 East 5th St., Highland, CAMAP909-862-836

Palmdale (PALMD)
9:00am   Secure Storage, 37560 Sierra Hiway, Palmdale, CA MAP    6 UNITS   661-947-5400
9:45am  LifeStorage. 380 W. Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale, CAMAP2 UNITS661-266-1313
10:30am AV Self Storage, 850 East Ave. P8, Palmdale, CA     MAP3 UNITS661-265-8073
11:30amLifeStorage, 2103 West Ave J, Lancaster, CAMAP6 UNITS661-729-1313
Next auction Feb 28 @ 12:15pm  AAA Store Stuff & RV,  42133 Challenger Way, Lancaster, CA  MAP   661-942-6641
No Scheduled Auction  U 1st Self Storage, 42034 3rd St. East Lancaster, CA MAP 909-606-2719

Our office will close from December 20th through Jan 2nd
for the holidays. Any scheduled auction or inventories will be
done as scheduled.
Our hard working employees deserve this time
to spend with their families and friends.
We will reopen Jan 2, 2020. 
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
and Happy Retirement Bruce.

No Scheduled Auctions

Gardena/LB (GRLB)
No Scheduled Auction  Storage US, 16001 S. Broadway, Gardena, CAMAP310-516-8776
No Scheduled Auction      LA Full Service Storage, 14501 S. Broadway, Gardena, CAMAP800-566-1677

No Scheduled Auctions
Ventura (VENT)
Next auction Jan 13 @ 9:00am     Freeway Storage, 4875 Market St., Ventura, CAMAP805-658-1094
Next auction Jan 13 @ 10:30am  Saticoy Self Storage, 1566 Los Angeles Ave., Ventura, CA    MAP 805-656-2400
Next auction Jan 13 @ 11:30am    Citizen Self Storage, 269 N. Aviador St., Camarillo, CA       MAP  S805-484-1738

No Scheduled Auctions
Chula Vista
No Scheduled Auction  Chula Vista Extra Storage, 1483 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA  MAP   619-427-2122

No Scheduled Auctions

Santa Clarita Area  (SACL)
Next auction in Jan @ 11:00am    Keep It Self Storage, 25333 Railroad Ave., Santa Clarita, CA   MAP661-253-1441
Next auction in Jan @ 12:15pm    Keep It Self Storage, 6827 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, CAMAP818-901-1345
Next auction in Jan @ 1:15pm      Keep It Self Storage, 4444 Vineland Ave., Toulca Lake, CAMAP818-769-5477

No Scheduled Auctions
Los Angeles Area 1 (LAA1)
No Scheduled Auction LA Wine & Art Storage, 2290 Centinella Ave., LA, CA  MAP 909-606-2917
No Scheduled AuctionThe Brewery Artist Lofts, 1920 N Main St., Los Angeles, CA MAP323-222-3007

No Scheduled Auctions
No Scheduled Auctions San Marcos Mini, 175 S. Bent Ave., San Marcos, CAMAP760-744-1065
No Scheduled AuctionsOtay Crossing Storage,  2098 Harvest Rd., San Diego, CAMAP619-661-0017
No Scheduled Auctions  Sorrento Mesa Storage, 6690 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA858-453-0100

Southern California
Buyer's Auction Schedule
December 2019