Refundable Cleaning Deposit:
We charge all buyers a refundable deposit when they buy units

There is a minimum of $100.00 charged on each and every unit sold by J. Michael's Auction, Inc. The  deposit is refunded to the buyer, by the facility manager, if the unit(s) they purchase are completely empty and left in a clean, satisfactory condition
(no trash, everything removed in the time period set at the sale).

Exception:  For our long time buyers, who are known to be in good standing, and have always satisfactorily emptied the units they buy - there is a nominal (minimum $40.00) deposit collected at each facility where they buy units regardless of the number of units bought. 
We know these buyers!

If for any reason any person who buys a unit does NOT satisfactorily clean out the unit(s) completely and/or does NOT leave the unit(s) in a clean, satisfactory condition in the time allotted at the sale ......this buyer shall be entered into:

$300.00 Club

The buyer will pay a $300.00 deposit  on each and every unit purchased from J. Michael's Auction, Inc. 
In order to be removed from this prestigious club the buyer must contact the manager where the unsatisfactory unit(s) was left and make reasonable efforts to satisfy the problem.

If that buyer subsequently leaves any other unsatisfactory unit and is already in our $300.00 club, that person joins our $400.00 Club and so on.
(3 units = $500.00 each). 

The facility manager, where you leave anything, may bring suit against you in small claims court action  to collect any clean up charges.


Remember - If everybody completely emptied their units - there would be no need for this! Only the people who leave units in an unsatisfactory condition will have a problem with this policy!

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