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J. Michael's Auction, Inc. continues to be California's largest self storage auction service, with 200+ Self Storage facilities, and is the indisputable and foremost leader of all storage auction services. We are the most innovative, turn-key self-service storage and bulk sale auction company in California

With the addition of our Online Auction service (www.JMAuctionOnline.com) we lead the industry in innovation, technology and customer service.

J. Michael's Auction, Inc. is a professional Auction Company, not just some person doing auctions out of their apartment.

Our expertise with self-storage sales, abandonment sales and bulk sales is unsurpassed in the industry. With our passion for customer satisfaction and integrity; we plan, coordinate, conduct and follow-up your auctions with the highest degree of integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction. We are fully insured and bonded - ask your auctioneer if they are!

Our CUSTOMERS overwhelming concede that these reasons are why we lead the self-service storage auction industry as a most trusted turn-key auction company.

This site is for you - OUR CUSTOMERS!

We are consistently making the best better for our CUSTOMERS. So, if  there is something you like,  something you would like to change or something you want added,  please feel free to let us know. Contact Us.

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See you at our auctions!!!!!!

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Need an innovative and honest auction service?

We are really the largest turnkey auction service in California with over 300 facilities throughout California.  We offer you the best service in the industry while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and honesty.  We are fully insured and bonded.
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Where Are Our Auctions?

Do you need to know where our auctions are today. Just open the "Buyer's Auction Schedule" to find us.

Where are our ONLINE auctions?

Click here to go to our ONLINE web site.

Need to see the Master Auction Schedule?

If you are a district manager or a facility manager and need to find your next auction date or lock cut, just see the "Manager's Page". It has all the information you need. This page is password protected for yours and our protection. If you need the password call our office at 714-996-4881.

Do You Need Lock-cuts?

We offer lock cutting services. This service comprises of setting a lock cut date before the auction (usually 2 - 3 weeks prior), cutting lock as designated by the facility manager, video taping (we never enter the unit), filling out a general inventory form and then attaching a numbered auction seal to the unit after the manager overlocks the unit.

Want to Buy a Vehicle?

We  assist the storage facilities with the sale of vehicles. These vehicles sold by the storage facilities are listed on the "Vehicles for Sale" page.

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Need a Certificate of Insurance for our services?

Our Company is covered with a $2 million dollar General Liability Insurance Policy through Heffernan Insurance. Our Insurance Company also covers the Worker's Compensations Insurance Policy. If you require proof of insurance please call our office (714-996-4881) for  copy of our (COI) Certificate of Insurance.

New Buyer - Never been to a self storage or bulk sale auction?

It is not as easy as you think it is. It is not as it appears on the TV shows. Be sure to read the "New Buyer's Page"  before you attend our auctions.  It is a 'must read' so you will not have any problems with the terms and conditions of the sale.
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You need to know the password. Call 714-996-4881 if you do not know it.
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Are you looking for a turn-key auction service for all of your facilities.  Contact us - we are the company with the highest integrity in the industry.
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